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We are a flight school in Dickson, TN. We teach people to fly airplanes in the greater Nashville area. Learn to fly here and contact us to get started. Read more below...

Our Philosophy.

We believe in professional, practical, and personalized flight training. Our innovative grassroots training philosophy is rooted in the fundamentals, exceptionally thorough, and prepares pilots for the real world, and not just the test. We teach beyond the minimum training standards and personalize flight lessons to each client. Our goal is to create a generation of safe, capable, and confident pilots with excellent aeronautical decision-making and stick-and-rudder skills. Safety First.

Our focus is on flying; Not the test. Clients begin flight training without initially considering the testing standards, focusing solely on aircraft control, risk management, and accident prevention. Once the grassroots are covered, then testing scenarios will be presented. This style of training results in confident, well-rounded and SAFE pilots.

Quality Assurance.

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our unique Quality Assurance Program certifies that our clients receive the highest level of instructional service possible through the continual evaluation and adaptation of our training program. Our highly trained flight instructors are taught in-house, allowing us to ensure the quality of our flight instruction.

Grassroots Training.

We focus heavily on the grassroots of flight instruction. The fundamentals of practical aerodynamics, stick-and-rudder flying, and problem-solving are taught using techniques that teach students how to think, not what to think. We don’t teach solutions; we teach how to solve problems logically.

Unfortunately, many modern flight schools under-emphasize the importance of the fundamentals in flight training. Training is geared towards advanced avionics, structured procedures, and specific textbook scenarios. The result of that approach to training is pilots whose aircraft control and problem-solving skills are static, underdeveloped, and mediocre.

At Wingman Flight Academy, we revert to the practical approach used by the best fighter pilots and instructors of WWII, often known as some of the most excellent pilots in history. This simplistic yet successful form of flight training is intrinsically bound to the most effective techniques used by flight instructors.

What We Offer.

We provide excellent flight and ground instruction for the following levels:

Our Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus was developed by a world-famous flight instructor with over 40 years of teaching experience. Students will utilize the industry's best online ground school and flight training courses throughout their education.

We will happily answer any questions you have by phone or email. Use the Contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The price of our exceptional private pilot training ranges around $18,000. However, students who are adept at learning and aviation can satisfactorily complete our private pilot course in as little as $10,000.

How long does it take?

The average time it takes to get your pilot certificate is 2-6 months. This is usually the case for the average working member of society that spends several hours a week home studying and goes to flying lessons 2-3 times per week.

Do I need to own an airplane?

No, but it helps. We will provide the training aircraft unless you own your own. In the long run, it is more efficient to own over rent, but you have to fly over about 150 hours per year to make it worth the trouble.

What are the age requirements?

You have to be 17 to get your pilot certificate, but you can solo at 16. The youngest we recommend to start lessons is 15, though it can be done earlier. There is no upper age limit to learning to fly, but medical concerns exist. More info here:

Free Study Material

The AOPA has a lot of great information on learning to fly. I recommend the study material linked below:

Below are links to FREE videos that you can use to build some perspective as to how flight training is conducted. 

Fly8MA Flying 101 Start to Finish:


Private Pilot Tutorials:

Aviation Safety and Training Videos:

We will have our very own Wingman YouTube channel up and running.