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We are Master Flight Instructor owned and operated.

Addressing the Root not the symptoms.

Empowering Flight Instructors to Cultivate Master Pilots.

the wingman philosophy

TRANSFORMING LIVES. Our passion: giving people life-changing transformation through mindset, mentoring, and education.

EMPOWERING MASTERS. We foster the professional development of flight instructors, empowering them through exceptional real-world training and coaching, as they strive towards the achievement of becoming Master Flight Instructors.

CULTIVATING AVIATORS. The result of our proven efforts: Master Instructors that make Master Pilots.


"Not every cfi is a teacher, NOR EVERY PILOT AN AVIATOR. "

We make flight instructors awesome at two things:

(1) teaching pilots to stay alive

(2) running their own business

We are the training providers for:

Initial and Addon CFI Ratings

The "CFI Roadmap" CFI Entreprenuers

Continuing Education and Master CFI development

Instructor Training

⬇️ the cfi roadmap ⬇️

For BUSINESS-SAVVY Flight Instructors, we have the CFI Roadmap offer where we cover the following pillars to get you to over $10k/month as a part-time CFI.

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Look at the big picture. Break down and build up beliefs. Get your head in the game.

(this is the biggest one!)


Find your audience. Build a clear path that moves them from their pain state to their dream state.


Have a plan. Ace the execution. Run the system. Be a smooth operator. Master the teaching. Learn the techniques. Build a course you believe in.


Build trust. Get liked. Become known. Everything is content. 


Build the gap. Overcome objections. Empathize with their pains. Sell without selling.


Instructors are our thing... so we can sneeze, and a pilot pops out.

Our Instructors are experts in (at least) the following areas:

If you want our instructors teaching you to fly, contact us. We can fly your airplane or ours. 

other Courses

Our courses are tailored to the needs of each client. Please contact us for a quote. All quotes are flat-rate and provide a training guarantee. We do not charge hourly.

Pilot training, Currency, proficiency, and endorsements